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About Solution Gate

Our experience in the domain of car repair goes back to 1980s. Since the very beginning, the two poles of the German car industry, Mercedes and BMW, have been our specialty.
Solution Gate holds a team of mechanics expertise, who you utilize their capabilities in the favors of the customers’ needs, whether minor or major troubleshoots, we are able to attain our clients’ satisfaction.
The regularly updated progressive testing software is our main advantage in the industry, as it comprehends and covers all the Mercedes and BMW car models. Encoding, decoding, programming and reprogramming are the aspects of our software.

Your Gratification is our Concern

Our customers’ loyalty is our treasure that we have earned throughout the years of experience. due to our competitive prices and professional services. As members of the Good Garage Scheme, we provide you with reliability, sincerity and premium quality service at competitive prices.

Affordable Prices

We aim to make our service as reasonably priced as possible. That's why we cut on all unessential business expenses.